Sewing a Prefold Into a Fitted

The Diaper Sewing site features wonderful instructions for turning a prefold into a fitted diaper.  These instrcutions are well-detailed and come complete with step-by-step pictures.  Although there is a note that the site owner is out of the “cloth diaper loop” there are still great instructions for sewing everything from AIOs to fitteds & covers and mama pads. 

We found the Diaper Sewing site by clicking through from Colleen’s blog I Dream Of Diapers.  Colleen is a Canadian mama who has caught the diaper bug.  She has sewn some gorgeus diapers and you can check out pictures on her blog showing how she has applied the prefold into a fitted pattern.   

“Ok so I caught the prefold fitted bug and made a couple more…Anyways they also turned out great!  I just can’t get over how trim these are.”

Source: I Dream Of Diapers & Diaper Sewing

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