Real Diaper Association 100% Reusable Cloth Diapers Photo Contest

Do you have a great, enticing, creative and well-shot photograph of your baby in a 100% reusable cloth diaper? The Real Diaper Association is putting together their Second Annual Cloth Diaper Calendarand is holding a contest to select the best 12 photographs to include. Each of the 12 winning photographs will be included in the RDA’s 2011 calendar. 

To enter: Click for the official rules, information, prizes  and submission form. Submitted photos will be posted on the RDA website at  You can generate buzz for your photo by Tweeting about the contest and lobbying for votes.  All RDA members can vote (you must be an active member as of November 3, 2010 to be eligible) – one vote per person.

Not sure if you’re photo is what they are looking for?  The RDA says, “While we have to be able to see the cloth diaper, this contest is not about how clearly the diaper itself is shown or how beautiful it is on its own — it’s about how great the photograph is and how compelling it is to look at. We want 12 really engaging, gorgeous photographs featuring happy babies in cloth diapers. Voters will be instructed to give preference to photos that illustrate the ease and benefits of using 100% reusable cloth diapers in a variety of situations.

There are already some great pictures up of cuties in cloth.  Be sure to add your own! Not yet an RDA member? Become one today!

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