Happy Heiny Reveals Unique New AIO in Video Live from #ABCKids13

Happy Heiny is back under new ownership, and they've just introduced their first all-in-one diaper. The soaker is 4 layers of a hemp/cotton blend, sewn in a loop style for easy washing & drying. The soaker snaps to the rear inner to avoid flopping in the potty while shaking it off, and also … [Read more...]

New Products and Prints from Planet Wise

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 10.34.53 AM

Planet Wise recently introduced their USA made diaper covers, and have added two chevron colorways to the lineup. Find matching chevron wet or wet/dry bags in various sizes, a well as 9 more prints: Leaping Leo, Hopping Holly, Aqua Splash, Camo, Toadstools, Teal Birds, Pink Splash, … [Read more...]

New Color and 2 New Prints from Best Bottom

best bottom

Best Bottom revealed two new prints, Camo & Lace, as well as a new color combination, spearmint. All 3 will be available with hook and loop or snap closures, and will be available for purchase soon. … [Read more...]

Lalabye Baby’s E-I-E-I-O Print Available for Purchase


Lalabye Baby released a farm themed diaper print, E-I-E-I-O. You can buy the new print on their website now, for $17.95. … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek of Moraki Cloth’s Holiday Diapers


Moraki Cloth gave those of us not at the ABC Kids Expo, a sneak peek of their holiday diapers. Like the rest of Moraki's line, these diapers are made in the USA by work at home moms. Watch Moraki's website to purchase the holiday diapers! … [Read more...]

Bottombumpers Reveals Embroidered Holiday Collection


Bottombumpers side-snapping diapers are USA made, and their previous themed embroidered diapers have been quick to sell out. The company revealed three gender neutral holiday themed diapers at the ABC Kids Expo. These diapers will be available for pre-order from retailers on October 21st. … [Read more...]

Two Prints Join AMP Diapers’ New Solids


AMP Diapers released three beautiful new solid colors, and prints Sweet Apples and Bijou also join the Duo Diapers lineup! Which is your favorite? … [Read more...]

Sweet Pea Diapers Reveals 3 New Prints at ABC Kids


Sweet Pea Diapers revealed two new prints at the ABC Kids Expo. Look for them at Sweet Pea retailers soon! … [Read more...]

Sarah Watts for Sloomb Available Early 2014


Sloomb is having a great time at ABC Kids, and gave us a sneak peek of their Sarah Watts prints. … [Read more...]

Meet Charlie, the Newest Print from Rumparooz


Charlie is the beautiful new print released by Rumparooz. Many retailers already have Charlie in hand, and it will be available for purchase on October 25th. … [Read more...]