“FEED YOUR STASH” Friday – Super-Sized Giveaway: 11/20 – 12/4!

Take advantage of TEN CHANCES TO WIN FREE DIAPERS valued at $245.95 in the Super-Sized Giveaway over at Cloth Diaper Blog!! This Giveaway is running for TWO WEEKS - from Friday, November 20, 2009 to December 4, 2009! The Super-Sized Giveaway includes: one (1) Gro Baby Half Time Cloth … [Read more...]

“Feed Your Stash” Friday Giveaway ENDS Nov. 20, 2009

If you haven't already, get over to Cloth Diaper Blog for your chance to win FREE cloth diapers this week's "FEED YOUR STASH" Giveaway! This week Diaper Junction is giving away one (1) Gro Baby One Size Cloth Diaper in the color of your choice, as well as (1) Package of Gro Baby Disposable Diaper … [Read more...]

Black Friday Diaper Sales Starting

Black Friday is the traditional time for retailers to offer sales. This day after Thanksgiving shopping spree is a chance for retailers to finally make enough money to break even for the year and start seeing a profit (retail is a hard business, despite the rumors that we are all making a killing!). … [Read more...]

Real Nappies Hit US Shores – New Zeland’s Cloth Diaper Company

Real Nappies Cloth Diapers Birth-to-Potty Pack Now Available in the USA Portsmouth, NH – 9 November 2009 – New Zealand's most popular reusable cloth diaper brand, Real Nappies, is now available in the United States at RealNappiesUSA.com, including Real Nappies' flagship Birth-to-Potty Pack. … [Read more...]

Diapering a Crawler? It’s a Snap…

I was so excited the day my younger daughter started crawling. She was so proud of herself, so happy to be mobile. With this new-found freedom, though, came the desire to crawl away during every diaper change. No matter how fast I was, how ready the diaper, she was  quicker than I was.  With my … [Read more...]

Baby BeeHinds USA Bamboo One-Size Fitteds Colors Giveaway

Baby BeeHinds USA is celebrating the arrival of their new Bamboo One-Size Fitteds in colors with a giveaway here on Cloth Diaper News. USA distributor, Selena Volodzskis of Eco Brands and Global Enfant, has worked hard to keep the beloved Baby BeeHinds brand and these fabulous colors available to … [Read more...]

The Journey to Prefolds

Like many parents, I didn't start cloth diapering right away. When I finally did  take the plunge I wanted the diapers to be as "easy" as disposables. Basically this meant that I wanted  stay-dry inners, Velcro closures, or easy front-snapping diapers.  After endless reading, I decided to try … [Read more...]

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt is back!

Welcome back Great Cloth Diaper Hunt Hunters!!  Here is your first hint: Great Cloth Diaper Hunt Hint #1: How easy is it to submit an article or contribute to Cloth Diaper News?  Please note, you do NOT have to register to hunt for the icon.  Registration is only for those who are ready to … [Read more...]

Happy Heinys Happy Hempys

A couple of months ago, when our daughter turned 7 months old, we were lucky enough to become the recipients of more than 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep at a time.  Slowly but surely, 4 hours turned into 8, then finally 12!  I should clarify that she sleeps for 12 hours, not us, of … [Read more...]

WW: For the Love of bumGenius

Courtesy of Kirsten Hodges Photography … [Read more...]