Rockin Green Ticket Event

It’s back…Rockin’ Green’s Second Annual Green Ticket Event.    Here’s how it works:   1)     Purchase a bag of Rockin’ Green soap online or from  your favorite retailer.   2)     Open up the detergent bag (stop and smell the aroma of course), and look to see if you … [Read more...]

My Precious Kid Opens New Store

"My Precious Kid has moved into a new 3100 SF retail store at 633 SE Baseline St, Hillsboro OR (next to Hank's). The new location will bring with it more products, plus toddler story hour and mom classes coming soon. My Precious Kid is a child safety, cloth diaper, & baby products store … [Read more...]

Peaceful Housewife Detergent

  Are you still struggling to find a cloth diaper safe laundry detergent that actually works on tough stains without irritating your little one's skin? The Peaceful Housewife is here to help! Their  laundry detergent was formulated as a result to find a cloth diaper safe laundry detergent … [Read more...]

bumGenius announces new potty training system

Through its Facebook page, bumGenius has announced that it will soon release a potty training system. It is described by Jenn Labit as being a "unique pull-up, pull-down, snap-off, one-size potty training system made with replaceable one-size pads... at a reasonable price". The system will … [Read more...]

FluffStash Twitter Party, June 21st @9pm EST! RSVP to win great prizes!

June 21st is tomorrow and before you know it we'll be partying down at the FluffStash Twitter Party!  Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you have the Fluff Stash App or an iPhone.  We'll be chatting about cloth diapers, celebrating the launch of the app and giving away prizes galore from … [Read more...]

Rockin Green Remix and a New Scent

Summer is here and to rock in the warmer weather Rockin’ Green is welcoming a new scent and REMIXED versions of our Soft, Classic and Hard Rock formulas starting…TODAY! Additionally, newly-designed Rockin’ Green packaging will be rolling out soon after in early July.   So what is REMIXED … [Read more...]

Babes In Cloth now offering a 30 Day Cloth Diaper Trial!

Are you worried about trying cloth diapers? Or do you use them already but you're nervous about trying a new brand or type? No worries!! We'll let you try any cloth diaper (wash it and use it) and if you don't love it, we'll give you your MONEY BACK. Yes, that's right. We offer a 100% MONEY BACK … [Read more...]

Diaper Junction of Virginia Beach, VA launches new Cloth Diaper Laundry Service!

Diaper Junction’s New Diaper Service! Do you live in Virginia Beach near Diaper Junction?  Did you know that Diaper Junction has branched out, expanded their already spectacular offerings to include a Cloth Diaper Service? Diaper Junction is located on the south side of Hampton Roads.  Their … [Read more...]

FuzziBunz® Launches “Light It Up Blue” Cloth Diaper to Support Families Impacted by Autism


Lafayette, Louisiana (June 1, 2011) – FuzziBunz® modern cloth diapers is helping raise awareness and funds for Autism Speaks™, a national advocacy organization dedicated to funding autism-related research and helping families impacted by autism, by launching its “Light It Up Blue” cloth … [Read more...]

Babes In Cloth has introduced “Spotlight on Your Baby!”

Spotlight on Your Baby! is a monthly contest created to put the spotlight on one lucky customer's fabulous baby!! Each month we will pick one photo to be featured on our home page. The winner will receive a cloth diaper courtesy of Babes In Cloth. This is a great way to create a wonderful memory for … [Read more...]