Muttaqin Baby Stocking Excitement

Did you get a Mutt?  Which print? Is it a 3SRs or FS?  If you have any idea what this conversation is referring to then you are already a fan of Muttaqin Baby.  If not, please allow me to explain.  Muttaqin Baby is a brand of beloved fitted diapers that are currently one of the “must haves” among cloth diapering families. 

Michelle, the mom behind Muttaqin Baby, offers her adorable fitted diapers in two options.  The one-size option has a 3 step rise (3SR) making it adjustable to grow with your baby.  The other is a front snap (FS) sized option available in newborn, medium and large.  All of the diapers feature an outer cotton knit, a hidden layer of interlock and an inner of cotton velour.  The snap-in soakers are made of hemp fleece topped in velour and are designed for quick drying. 

Muttaqin Baby stocked their store last night causing a shopping frenzy that rippled across the cloth diapering online communities like Diaper Swappers.  Coth diapering mamas clamoured for their chance to grab a Mutt and so many shoppers converged on the site that it crashed.  Despite the crash, the Mutt love continued; now with fun chatter on who got which diapers and when everyone thought the site would be restored. 

As luck would have it, I logged on this morning at 7:31 am Eastern, just one minute after the Muttaqin Baby site was back up and, what appeared to be, all the leftover diapers from the evening’s crash were now available to buy.  It was a lot of fun to watch the diapers come up, go pending and then sold.  Some diapers came back into the shuffle (out of pending) but were quickly snatched up by other shoppers who just couldn’t believe their luck. 

So, was I there just window shopping or did I join in on the fun?  I’ll never tell for sure but here’s a hint…

Muttaqin Baby

Are you a Mutt fan?  Did you score one in the last stocking?  Please share your Mutt love by Commenting.        

Kristy de Gregory is the owner of Wee Willie Winks and the Web Editor/Publisher of Cloth Diaper News.  Her love of cloth diapering began in 2005 with the birth of her son.


  1. No Mutts here but they are absolutely adorable and they look so well made.

  2. FireMom says:

    I got the only blue paisley 3SR and a primary stripes 3SR. I can’t wait until they arrive. We only have one 3SR mutt (blue dots on blue) and it’s one of my favorite diapers. It’s just so darn pretty. :)

  3. alisha says:

    is the owner of Mutaqin diaper muslim?
    it says bismilllah over there.Also mutaqin means in arabic,” pious”.strange name for a diaper!

  4. friend says:

    fun hunt!

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