Mia Bambina Diaper Laundering Tips from Malaysia

Sandra, a cloth diapering mama and owner of Mia Bambina based in East Malaysia, offers diaper laundering tips on her Mia Bambina blog.  She shares tips on common questions she’s heard from her clients and offers advice on detergent selection, soaking diapers, dealing with odors, dingy diapers, fighting diaper rash and more.  Her post is a great read with some good advice that is sure to improve your laundry routine.   

“-Washing them in the washing machine with a bit of DISHWASHING liquid . This will consider as strip washing and can be done every 2 weeks or every month.
-Try to hang dry diapers under the sun or air dry over night under ceiling fan will do great for rainy season.
- If you use fitted diapers, it will be better if you hang it horizontally, just to prevent the elastic be dragging down while it is wet and more heavy.”

Soure: Mia Bambina blog


  1. I didnt know that you can strip wash with the washing machine. That’s a great tip !!

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