GroVia Debuts 4 New Prints

Since coming onto the market in early 2009, GroVia (formerly GroBaby) has rapidly captured the attention of the cloth diapering world.  The versatile design helped to start a renewed interest in the ‘all in two’ diapering system. Starting with just 3 colors, a fourth color and 4 prints soon followed. 2 new colors entered earlier this year. With the current 4 prints being retired, GroVia recently released 4 new prints for 2011. The four prints-mod flower, owls, nature and planes- are unique to the GroVia line. As with the last set of prints, 2 are gender neutral while one is boy-centric and the other oriented for girls. The colors are a little earthier and are based from the newer vanilla, cosmos and ice colors.

These prints will actually be available in December 2010. New for December, each print and color will be available in both the snap and hook and loop closures. Currently, only the kiwi, mandarin and vanilla shells are available in snaps. The new all in one  diaper will also be available in some prints as well.

These prints have already generated quite a buzz. Other GroVia products have been hard to find as of late, and these prints may be in high demand as well.  Preordering is available at Snooty Booty Diapers.

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