Get Ready for the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt

It is that time of year again; the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt starts in just two short days!  Are you registered and ready?  Do you have a strategy for the hunt and have you stretched out your clicker finger?  For those of you new to the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt, it is hosted by Diaper Decisions and sends hunters searching for a little diaper icon on over 100 websites.  As Diaper Decisions describes,

“By visiting the sites on the hunt during the month of May 2008, you have an opportunity to explore a myriad of excellent natural family sites as you qualify for 35 random prize drawings, including One Ultimate Grand Prize worth over $600 and a Daily Prize for each day of hunting!

The concept behind our virtual scavenger hunt is to introduce consumers to the wonderful WAHMs that are ‘out there’, and many new products!”

Cloth Diaper News is proud to be a sponsor for this hunt and we are looking forward to meeting all of the hunters.  We are just adding the finishing touches to our own mini scavenger hunt for the icon and hope it will be fun for all.  To learn more about the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt, please visit Diaper Decisions or read our post covering the November hunt.  Good luck and have fun hunting. 


  1. manda says:

    Where’s the hint?

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