Cloth Diapers at Day Care

Wanting to use Cloth at Day Care and finding some resilience?  Well join the club – athough awareness of cloth diapering is growing, unfortunately there are still heaps of people and organisations that refuse to embrace good old cloth!  Well we’ve put together some tips that we hope will help you to approach your centre and persuade them to accept that your choice of diaper is just that, and they should respect your choices.  In my opinion, to be frank, do you really want a centre that looks after your little one that does not respect what you do at home?  Whether that be a pacifier or cloth diapers – if this is what you choose to use then your centre MUST respect this.

Of course many Day Care Centres are great at allowing cloth diapers – and good on them!  Hats off for respecting our choices! 

Tips for using cloth diapers at Day Care

1) If you ask a centre about cloth diapers without showing them the product, they will immediately thinking you are taking about big terry nappies, pins, plastic pants and leaks and that you expect them to wash the diapers!  From personal experience it pays to take along the diapers when you view the centre and show them, most are not familiar with modern cloth diapers and once they see Real Nappies modern Cloth Diapers they realise they are no harder to use than a disposable.
2) Most centres are happy to do whatever you do at home, ie. if you use a teddy at sleeptime at home they will do the same at Day Care.  If you use cloth diapers at home they will do the same at Day Care.  A good day care centre will respect your choices.
3) Day Care Centres need to understand about our diapers and how easy they are, if you explain the procedure,
ie. ‘You’ will bring the waterproof bag to store the diaper in, there is a liner that the DCC will flush away with the solids (hence no smells), then all they do is pop the wet nappy in the bag.  Parents will collect at end of the day and take home for washing. 
4) It is mostly the Centres that provide their own diapers that you may have an issue with, stand up for yourself, show them the benefits – you never know you may convert the whole centre!
5) A friend went to the DCC and told them her baby is allergic to disposables  (which many are) so wears cloth and they were fine with that!

Tips for packing your cloth diapers for a day at Daycare

  1. Bring a named container/pail with a lid (for putting wet diapers and covers inside)
  2. Ensure all your diapers are pre-folded ready for use at the Centre
  3. Ensure you have a waterproof bag inside the container/pail for easy transportation of wet nappies to and from the centre and then into the laundry tub
  4. Make sure you have enough diapers and covers in your bag as DCC tend to change diapers regularly so even though it is not necessary to change Real Nappies diaper covers every time, your centre may wish to do this
  5. Make sure the staff at the centre are aware that the solids can be flushed away with the liners so they do not have the smelly trash cans like you do with disposables.

Over in Middle Earth New Zealand we have actually got many Day Care Centres to use Real Nappies Cloth Diapers full time in their centres – all it took was a little patience, a lot of persistance and a simple presentation.  They even use our Potty Training Pants on their toddlers!  Yay!  The DCC centres love the money they are saving, plus knowing they are doing their bit for the environment and showing they really care for the littlies they look after. 

We at Real Nappies would love to hear about your experiences with Day Care Centres – we have only just launched into the USA so any experiences you have had with Centres, good or bad would be great to hear about, so we can keep up with local know how!  If you need any advice/tips with approaching your local centres let us know, we would love to help  : )


Liz Mole / Director / Real Nappies Ltd.


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