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A big component of the Cloth Diaper News is the free newsletter.  The CDN Newsletter will highlight some of the articles on the website but it will also feature special articles, sales and announcements that are not on the main site.

By signing up for the newsletter, cloth-diapering families can have this valuable information sent directly to them.  This is ideal for the family who is interested in cloth diapering but who may not be able to participate in the forums.  This is a good option for families new to cloth diapering and also for seasoned veterans.  The CDN Newsletter will cover a variety of different diapering options and possibly introduce you to a new style, brand or new resources.  All of this will come straight to you in your email InBox!

The newsletter will follow an editorial calendar giving it a special focus once a month (i.e. wool, pockets, prefolds & covers, sewing your own, etc.).  You can check out the Editorial Calendar to see what topics are in the works. 

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