My Blossom Bottom Opens

My Blossom Bottom is a new on-line store featuring reusable/washable cloth diapers and accessories - the most brands - at least 25 - giving you lots of choices.  Located in northern Colorado,  we also welcome local parents/caregivers with appointments - either your home or ours.   You have the … [Read more...]

Thirsties Debuts the Duo Fab Fitted


Thirsties introduced its new Duo Fab Fitted on January 10th. With similar materials and feel as the old Fab Fitted line, the new Duo Fitted utilizes the two-size system of the current Duo line. The fitteds work well with the Duo Wraps and colors coordinate. Some features of the new Duo … [Read more...]

Baby BeeHinds USA Bamboo One-Size Fitteds Colors Giveaway

Baby BeeHinds USA is celebrating the arrival of their new Bamboo One-Size Fitteds in colors with a giveaway here on Cloth Diaper News. USA distributor, Selena Volodzskis of Eco Brands and Global Enfant, has worked hard to keep the beloved Baby BeeHinds brand and these fabulous colors available to … [Read more...]

Happy Heinys Happy Hempys

A couple of months ago, when our daughter turned 7 months old, we were lucky enough to become the recipients of more than 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep at a time.  Slowly but surely, 4 hours turned into 8, then finally 12!  I should clarify that she sleeps for 12 hours, not us, of … [Read more...]

goodmamas: Worth the price?

When I first started cloth diapering, I kept reading about goodmama diapers, and how great they are. I went to the site and my mouth dropped as I said, "35 DOLLARS FOR A CLOTH DIAPER ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" I didn't understand it, what is so great about this diaper that it has to cost 35 dollars? … [Read more...]

LolliDoo: Eco-friendly Diaper Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Cutting Edge Sustainable Diapers July 26, 2009, Newman Lake, WA-- Considering the high cost of disposables on both health and the environment, Go Green Sustainable Industries, LLC (GGSI) launched its eco-friendly, one-size cloth diapers. Made from recycled plastic bottles and certified organic … [Read more...]

Kissaluvs: Reusable Diaper Company Makes Cloth Diapering Chic & Even More Affordable

Kissaluvs, a ten-year-old reusable diaper manufacturer, is making cloth diapering chic, fun and even more affordable. Their new one-size fitted diapers called Marvels, which fit babies from 10-40 pounds, come in super cute prints  and names like Zoo Blue, Mocca Swirl and Two Hoots! The … [Read more...]

Cloth Diaper Patterns: Rita’s Rump Pocket and Little Comet Tails’ Tighty Whitey Hipster

My first attempt at sewing diapers came with the news that my dear friend was pregnant. Given that I had been a cloth diaper retailer for four years at that point and was surrounded by stacks of diapers, I have no idea why I wanted to venture into diaper construction.  However I figured I'd give it … [Read more...]

goodmama offers Send-Your-Own-Fabric-2

This just in from the goodmama email announcements: Clients can pick a favorite fabric and submit it to be made into goodmama diapers!  What a wonderful and exciting way that you can get involved with goodmama diapers.  Here are all the details straight from the email announcement: "Hi … [Read more...]

Drybees Gone Natural Bamboo Diapers

Drybees Gone Natural bamboo diapers have just arrived and they are soooo incredibly soft. They are priced much lower than similar diapers on the market, yet they are great quality and faster to dry than some other brands. The new Drybees Gone Natural diapers are made with an outer layer of bamboo … [Read more...]