Origin of Hook and Loop

On a recent trip to Epcot, we went to Innoventions West and stumbled upon an entire show devoted to Velcro.  One of the first things we learned was that Velcro is a brand name and the generic name for this type of closure is hook and loop.  Given the widespread use of hook and loop in today's … [Read more...]

Blog Sighting: Quick Start to Cloth Diapering

In her blog Musings of a Mamma of Many the author Katie offers a wonderful guide to getting started with cloth diapering.  She very nicely identifies the needs of a family with a newborn and the limitations in budget that may come along with a new baby.  She offers a great solution to the … [Read more...]

Close Your Clothes

  Anna of Forty-Two Roads created a beautiful activity book for her daughter Lara.  The book uses Lara's outgrown clothing as page elements for practicing closing clothes.  There is a zipper, buckle, belt, button up, and snaps.  It is a precious keepsake and an ingenious way to help … [Read more...]

The Cure for the Cloth Diaper Blues

Something I never thought possible happened to me over the past two months, I lost my passion and drive for cloth diapers.  That’s right, I was no longer in love and, although they were still adorable and functioned wonderfully, my son’s cloth diapers seemed like the enemy.  This presented a … [Read more...]

The WAHM Mall: A Complete Resource for Work At Home Moms & A Fun Place to Shop Too!

The WAHM Malloffers great options for striving WAHMs (work at home moms) and shoppers alike.  They are positioning themselves to be the resource for WAHMs by providing the following resources: articles and how to's on many aspects of starting a business from home directory of WAHM … [Read more...]

How to Lanolize your wool, Tutorial

This month on Mia Bambina's Blog, owner Sandra Rocco demonstrates how to lanolize your wool covers and/or longies.  Sandra's methods follow the instructions of Sheepish Grins, the manufacturer of Wool, Skin and Home Care products, many of which include lanolin. Sandra explains the different uses … [Read more...]

The Wonderful Diaper Sprayer

If you are looking for quick and convenient cloth diaper care, a diaper sprayer is a must for your diaper stash.  Diaper sprayers were originally designed as personal mini showers or bidets but have since become very useful for cloth-diapering families.  There are several different manufacturers … [Read more...]

Fuzzi Bunz: Setting the Record Straight

The following article is from Fuzzi Bunz and is the second article in a wonderful series available through their e-newsletter.  This has been reprinted here with permission from Fuzzi Bunz/MOE. "If you're new to the world of cloth or reusable diapering, you probably aren't aware of the … [Read more...]

A New Mom’s Blog Series About Cloth Diapering

On her blog, Super Mommies Unite!, a new mom "Lori Super Mom" blogs about frugal living and offers a wonderful series of posts on cloth diapering.  In her first post, entitled I LOVE Cloth Diapers, Part ONE, she dispells some common myths about cloth diapering.  One of the big debates in the cloth … [Read more...]

Fuzzi Bunz: The New Mom’s Guide to Getting Started

The following article is from Fuzzi Bunz and is the start of a wonderful article series available through their e-newsletter.  This has been reprinted here with permission from Fuzzi Bunz/MOE. "Using Fuzzi Bunz diapers are simpler than you may think - after all, they were invented by a mom like … [Read more...]