Hyena Cart Stores offer much more than cloth diapers and accessories!

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Handcrafted Back to School Essentials and more! The popular online store Hyena Cart – which specializes in handcrafted products made by more than 1,000 active sellers, most of them “mompreneurs” –has expanded its offering of a variety of quality, handmade items that are just right for … [Read more...]

Diaper Pin Celebrates 12 Years – An Interview with Jen

Diaper pin

This week, DiaperPin.com celebrated 12 years of providing cloth diaper information, tips and product reviews to cloth diapering families. The Diaper Pin blog and "The Pin" forum accompany the product reviews and directory to form a 1-stop resource. In honor of Diaper Pin's 12th "Birthday," I … [Read more...]

Diapering Today DVD

"Diapering Today DVDThe First of Its Kind 2-Disc DVD GuideDiapering Today is the new film offering those interested in cloth diapering an easy to digest way to learn everything about modern diapering. Education is the key to getting more parents to try cloth, and Diapering Today takes interested … [Read more...]

Diapering a Crawler? It’s a Snap…

I was so excited the day my younger daughter started crawling. She was so proud of herself, so happy to be mobile. With this new-found freedom, though, came the desire to crawl away during every diaper change. No matter how fast I was, how ready the diaper, she was  quicker than I was.  With my … [Read more...]

Breathing New Life Into Your Cloth Diapers

Even with great care, there may come a time when your cloth diapers are looking a little tired. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to freshen them up! An added soak or rinse- Sometimes, just adding a soak to the front end of your wash routine or running a cycle with no detergent to the end of … [Read more...]

Choosing Between Sized and One Size Diapers

For many parents, one of the biggest decisions they make when investing in cloth diapers is whether to go with one-size diapers or invest in sized diapers.  There are different factors to consider when determining which type would be right for your family and lifestyle. Fit The fit of sized … [Read more...]

Don’t give up on a night solution!

For us, the transition from cloth to disposables was a gradual one. After using cloth with success during the day, I ventured into the realm of night diapering. It took a lot of wet sheets, nights back in disposables and every combination of pocket and insert imaginable until I found fleece covers. … [Read more...]

Write for Us Easily with Instant Registration!

We get emails all the time from people who would like to write for Cloth Diaper News. In the past there has been a bit of a process to sign up and get writing. However now anyone can use our instant registration (button in the upper left) and start writing right away. We want you to share your … [Read more...]

Stink Free, yet Chemical Free: A Recipe for Natural Diaper Pail Deodorizer

When you consider the thousands of chemicals that we involuntarily breathe in daily, immerse our bodies in, slather on our skin, or 'freshen' a room up with, it is only natural to want to keep as many chemicals out of baby's room and body as possible. According to a study by the EWG*, an average … [Read more...]

Cloth Diaper Patterns: Rita’s Rump Pocket and Little Comet Tails’ Tighty Whitey Hipster

My first attempt at sewing diapers came with the news that my dear friend was pregnant. Given that I had been a cloth diaper retailer for four years at that point and was surrounded by stacks of diapers, I have no idea why I wanted to venture into diaper construction.  However I figured I'd give it … [Read more...]