The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt Now has a Chat Room!


If you are anything like me, you have browsed through several WAHM websites thinking "wow, this lady seems really great and her information is so helpful!  I would love to sit down with her and pick her brain sometime!".  Well, now is your chance. Sponsors of the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt are … [Read more...]

Got Diaper Rash?

I have recently "discovered" coconut oil-and it's my new favorite, well, everything.  You would be surprised at just how versatile it is.  I've used it as a cooking oil-it's one of the safest oils to cook with because it doesn't change chemically when exposed to high heat like olive oil … [Read more...]

Emergency Preparedness

These days hospitals, schools, cities and states are all requrired to be "prepared" for emergencies like never before.  We all know that preparing our own homes for emergencies is important as well.  For some reason, though, when I thought about my own family's preparedness I never thought about … [Read more...]

A Must Read Review!

There are a few good cloth diapering resources that get bookmarked, linked to, talked about, and poured over for years after the author's children are out of diapers.  This month, the blog article "Cloth Diaper Essentials: A Comparative Review" joins these great cloth diapering … [Read more...]

Beyond the WAHM

Most of us know that the abbreviation WAHM means "work at home mom".  The internet is filled with high quality cloth made by women who stay at home with their children and work out of their homes in their free time.  Have you ever seen the abbreviation WAHG or WAHA though?  More and more … [Read more...]

A Season of Giving

The months of June and July 2008 have become a season of giving cloth diapers away.  Two major groups of sewing women have dedicated portions of June and July for sewing and giving; the This-End-Up Yahoo Group and the Kayla's Cloth Kits Yahoo Group. Denise Cole, one of the moderators of the The … [Read more...]

‘Tis the Season for Swim Diapers!

Chances are if you use cloth diapers you cringe at the thought of using expensive, uncomfortable, and ugly disposable swim diapers when your children go swimming!  Why should you?  Did you know that many of the diapers that you ALREADY have in your stash will function perfectly as a swim diaper?  … [Read more...]

One Size Fits All Diaper Covers

From "old fashioned" prefolds to the hottest bamboo and hemp fabric fitted diapers, non-waterproof diapers are popular these days.  Diaper covers are a good, if not necessary, addition to a stash consisting of prefolds and fitteds.  Whether you choose to use prefolds because you are pinching … [Read more...]

Advocate the Natural Parenting Lifestyle

You made the choice to birth naturally.  You made the choice to cloth diaper.  You made the choice to live naturally.  Your decisions may be rational to you, and your reasoning may be sound, but how many people really know about your choices?   For many of us, even our close family and … [Read more...]

Cloth Ambassadors

Do you ever feel like a cloth diapering ambassador?  Here in the United States, most people still think of cloth diapers and "old fashioned" and think of pins and vinyl pants when you mention that you want to cloth diaper.  I was recently at a baby shower where I knew only the mother-to-be.  … [Read more...]