About CDN

What is Cloth Diaper News?

Cloth Diaper News is striving to be the place to go for information on the cloth diapering market.  There are a lot of people writing about cloth diapering both in the news and on family blogs.  There are also many things happening quickly within the market such as product announcements, new retailers, events, special sales and more.  Our goal is to create one source that pulls all of this information together and makes it easily accessible to the cloth-diapering family.

The CDN Newsletter

A big component of the Cloth Diaper News is the free bi-weekly newsletter.  By signing up for the newsletter, cloth-diapering families can have this valuable information sent directly to them.  This is ideal for the family who is interested in the keeping up with the industry but who may not be able to participate in the forums.  The newsletter will highlight some of the posts on the website but it will also feature special information and sales that may not be found on the website.

What does CDN deliver?

By visiting the CDN website or signing up for the newsletter, families will get a clear snapshot of what is hot in the industry and also hear from industry insiders about what is important to them.  Examples of posts you might see are:

  • Cloth diapering in the local news with links to articles where cloth diapering has come up in newspapers or news sites across the world.
  • Cloth diaper blogging with links to family blogs covering various aspects of cloth diaperf from “how to’s” to home-sewn diapers to rave reviews.
  • Announcements and reporting on local events that include cloth diapering.
  • Product announcements such as new product offerings, updates, testing and specials.
  • Retailer announcements like new retailers and sales.
  • Reporting on industry-wide events like trade shows or the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt.
  • An inside look into the market from our writers’ points of view as cloth diaper retailers or manufacturers.

How does it work?

Cloth Diaper News has several Contributing Writers that are industry leaders like retailers or manufacturers.  Our writers share information on what they see happening in the industry or their business.  Our goal is to have Contributing Writers from various parts of the world that are involved in different aspects of the market.  We also welcome Guest Contributors who would like to write an article or two but who do not post regular articles.

How is CDN different?

Cloth Diaper News will not be focused on product or retailer reviews (although you may see some of these) nor is it a forum-based site driven by the cloth diaper users.  There are several existing resources (like Diaper Pin) that do this wonderfully.  We are not here to complete with them.

How can cloth-diapering families participate?

At the end of each post there is an option to leave Comments.  We welcome input from our readers through this avenue and we’d love to hear what you are thinking on a topic.  Also, if you have a topic that you would like to see covered, please see Send a Tip for information on how to send in your information.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy reading Cloth Diaper News!