7 Reusable Household Items for Your Baby

We all know how costly it can be to purchase new items for your baby; however, you may or may not already be aware of the fact that you could end up saving hundreds or perhaps even thousands of dollars each year by reusing items in your home for your baby to use.

Whether you are sick and tired of spending so much money on items for your baby that eventually end up in the garbage, or if you’re hoping to adapt to a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, here are seven reusable household items for your baby:

1.      Fruits and vegetables

If you happen to grow fruits and vegetables in your own garden, then mix them into a blender and add them into your baby’s formula. Some of the many fruits and vegetables you can combine into your baby’s formula include apples, beans, peas, peaches and much more.

Not only that, because you will have to remove any seeds from the fruits and vegetables before you feed them to your baby, you could always re-plant the seeds in your garden so they can grow back as well.

2.      Margarine containers

The next time you run out of margarine, try to reuse the container so you can put any leftover baby food in the fridge. (The same goes for old glass containers as well).

3.      Clothing

If you have more than one child, then instead of throwing out their used clothing why not save it for your youngest child instead? You could always ask your friends and family if they have any extra baby and/or toddler clothes lying around that they don’t use anymore as well.

4.      Used wood

If you happen to be a particularly crafty and creative person, then you could always reuse old pieces of wood to build a chair, crib or even a toy for your baby to play with. However, be extra careful that the wood is clean and there are no splinters before handing it over to your child.

5.      Olive oil

Believe it or not, olive oil can be used as a substitute for baby lotion, and it is actually more environmentally-friendly than those expensive baby powders, creams and lotions that could contain damaging ingredients.

6.      Newspapers

The next time your baby has a little “accident” on the floor or carpet, try using pieces of old newspaper instead of paper towels to wipe up the mess.

7.      Toys

If purchasing a new toy for your baby is out of the question, then try asking your friends, family, or even your neighbour if they happen to have any old toys lying around their house.

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